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Valdosta Georgia

I had the most amazing opportunity to see my program Smiles for FREEdom grow this last week as North Valdosta Dental Care in Valdosta Georgia hosted the first expansion event outside of Reno, NV. It was incredible to see the lives of veterans touched through the care of others and through the program I have put together. The team in Valdosta was wonderful and they had such a great experience. They are already picking a date for their next event!

On February 17, 2017 North Valdosta Dental Care provided $26,569 in free dental care services for 28 amazing veterans! There were many tears of gratitude; from the team, the veterans and especially from me!

One veteran said that prior to this event he hated to smile. His front teeth had multiple cavities. They fixed his front teeth and he cried and he said this care has made him want to smile again!

They got a phone call in the morning from a veteran on the schedule who said he worked all night and would not be able to come in for his appointment. They called the first name on the waiting list to see if they could make it in and that veteran started crying with gratitude over the phone.

These amazing individuals who have served us deserve so much! It was an honor to see them cared for and such an emotional experience to be present for the expansion of Smiles For FREEdom. I would like to thank Dr Bynum and his amazing team at North Valdosta Dental Care who were so kind in letting me be present and in their care for their community that they provide.

I am looking forward to seeing Smiles for FREEdom continue to grow and for even more veterans to have happier and healthier smiles!

The amazing team at North Valdosta Dental Care (plus me)!

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