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Smiles for FREEdom is a non-profit organization designed to provide free dental care services for veterans and active service members within our local communities. Volunteer dental care providers including specialists, dentists, registered dental hygienists, assistants, and administrative staff work together to provide happier and healthier smiles to those who have provided us the freedoms to do so. Since 2015 over $1,010,000 in free dental care services has been provided! A Smiles for FREEdom event is definitely something to be proud of and something to smile about! 


January 25, 2020
Hill Dental Studio
Allen, TX
November 7, 2020
Relaxation Dental Specialties
Salida, CO
Rescheduled TBA
North Valdosta Dental Care
Valdosta, GA
Knutson Family Dentistry
Vermillion, SD
Sala Family Dentistry
Reno, NV
October 23, 2020
Superior Dental Health
Blair, NE
October 30, 2020
Superior Dental Health
Omaha, NE
Shoreline Dental Studio
San Clemente, CA
November 13, 2020
Superior Dental Health
Lincoln, NE
Kobza Dental PC
Fall City, NE
Big Sky Dental Center
Bozeman, MT
November 6, 2020
Smiles By Design
Encinitas, CA
October 2, 2020
Dentistry at Somerset
Ames, IA
November 11, 2020
Jackson Dental 
Bella Fourche, SD



Smiles for FREEdom events across the nation have served over 748 greatly deserving men and women and provided over $1,010,000 in free dental services! The opportunity to give back to those who have served our community is priceless. This is made possible by dental professionals that proudly donate their time, talents and care to serve those who have served for us. 

Smiles For FREEdom events have currently occured in Nevada, Georgia, California, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Alabama, Montana, and South Dakota. 

Would you like to see your area host a Smiles For FREEdom event? Ask your local dental office to get involved and contact us to host a Smiles For FREEdom Event! We look forward to many more events to come as Smiles For FREEdom is growing in national attention.

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